EOX 24 Inch Plastic 2 Pcs Sphagnum Moss Pole for Plants Monstera, Climbing Plants, Support for Indoor Plants

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About this item

  • [Train Your Plants to Grow upwards] The sphagnum moss pole greatly helps climbing indoor potted plants with aerial roots overcome the difficulty of growing vertically towards sunlight and develop more, larger and greener leaves.
  • [Unique Design] This moss pole for climbing plants is semi-cylindrical in shape, compared to coco coir poles that are generally cylindrical on the market, and its exclusive flat surface will let your plant’s aerial roots to better attach to it.
  • [Create an Ideal Growth Environment] We strongly suggest using sphagnum moss (NOT INCLUDED) with our plant sticks for best effect because it can provide water and micronutrients for creeping plants for a long time. Besides, our product will not end up rotting even if it stuck inside the soil for too long.
  • [Assembly Tips] EOX plant pole has TWO crease lines that you need to FOLD along to make a semi-cylindrical (D-shape) moss pole. DON’T NOT roll it directly into a cylinder! If you have any assembly issues please refer to the installation video on our listing page or contact us directly.
  • [Simple Method of Use] First, Place the moss pole at the bottom of an empty pot. Place the climbing plant in next and tie it against the plant support stake. And finally, fill in with your potting mix! Next, cut garden ties to secure your plant’s stems to the moss stick. Besides, it only takes you a few minutes to assemble our moss pole following instructions.

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