MowRo App Enabled Robot Mower Automatic Robot Lawn Mower Up to 1/4 Acre Climbs Slopes Up to 20 Lawn Care Equipment for Gardening Includes Lawn Mower Kit RM24SMRT Without WiFi

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About this item

  • Automatic Mowing Schedule – includes automatic mowing so you won’t need to waste any more time mowing the lawn. You’ll only need to spend a short while setting up before you can start. You can simply set it and forget it. Allow modern technology to provide you with the time you are losing due to the exhausting job of lawn mowing.
  • Height Adjustment – This excellent mower gives you more alternatives for finishing a look that is unique to your tastes by allowing you to adjust the cutting height from 0.8″ all the way up to 2.4″. It can mow up to 0.15 acres of lawn every cycle and can even climb slopes as steep as 35% (20 degrees)! Imagine what a helpful thing that would be!
  • Rain Sensor Technology – But what about on those days when it rains? When the MowRo lawnmower detects rain, it receives a signal to autonomously return to its docking station through the use of remarkable Rain Sensor technology. Since the Mowro RM18 is genuinely water- and dust-resistant, you can be sure that it will continue to work even after being exposed to the elements of nature.
  • Quiet Operation – This amazing RM18 lawnmower has a powerful brushless motor that produces “whisper quiet” operation (65dB), allowing you to relax more, enjoy more, and spend more uninterrupted time with your family without compromising the cleanliness of your environment.
  • Safe and Reliable – Allow modern technology to fill the time you waste on the tiresome task of mowing your lawn. Take back your Saturday! This autonomous robot lawnmower will always keep your grass looking fantastic because it mows every 48 hours rather than just twice or three times per month. As long as it happens on time, it doesn’t matter if you’re there or not. This revolutionary lawn mower will automatically depart from the luxury of its own docking station and begin its task.

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