OWLMOW Robot Lawn Mower with GPS Path Planning, Mows Up to 1/2 Acre /22,000 Sq.Ft, APP Control with Schedule, Multiple Zones Capability, Custom Mowing, Stoppage Re-Cutting, Self-Charging, IPX5, Wi-Fi

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About this item

  • STAY WITHIN BOUNDS: OWLMOW’s unique base station and robot dual GPS positioning system enables accurate positioning and mapping of your lawn. With the assistance of the boundary wires, the robot will always stay within the designated lawn area and avoid any trouble. If you have already installed boundary wires from other brands, you can directly use our robot (compatible with all boundary wires).
  • CAPACITY COMPLICATED YARD: With years of experience in manufacturing and selling garden robots, we have reinforced the front wheel structure and driving program of the robot. It features off-road rescue programs and high-torque motors, allowing the robot to easily handle various complex lawn environments. The IPX5 waterproof rating and rain sensor make maintenance and usage more effortless for you.
  • OWLMOW APP CONTROL: Using the OWLMOW App and WiFi/BT communication, you can easily set different schedules, cutting modes, and monitor the real-time status and mowing progress of the robot. The robot can automatically divide multiple working areas to improve efficiency. It can recognize and navigate through narrow channels between different yards, and the S1/S2 dual-channel prevents interference between robots.
  • MOW LAWN UP TO 1/2 ACRES: Compared to the random mowing pattern of conventional robotic mowers, the planned route algorithm significantly improves OWLMOW’s mowing efficiency. With a low noise level (below 60 decibels), it has a super high mowing efficiency of up to 1956 sq. ft (180㎡) per hour, ensuring it won’t disturb your family or neighbors.
  • SAFETY & QUALITY ASSURANCE: With the GNSS system, bumper sensor, lift, and tilt blade-stop sensor, the OWLMOW automatic lawn mower robot can protect itself and the people and animals around it. We have a comprehensive local after-sales repair system and English-speaking technical support in the United States, providing solutions to your technical inquiries throughout the pre-sales and after-sales process. Join the OWLMOW.

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