Quackups 2.6″ Hummingbird Nesting Pods™, 2-Pk with Clips to Easily Attached on Branch for Outdoor Patio Garden Bird House

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About this item

  • ★ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: HUMMINGBIRDS do not nest in Birdhouses! Hummingbirds usually build on an intersection of branches. Quackups HUMMINGBIRD Nesting Pods is designed to attract hummingbirds. The textured surface is ideal for nest adhesion.
  • ★EASY to INSTALL – It already comes with a clip. All you have to do is clip it on a firm branch in a bush or a tree. A clip that assures a discreet attachment to a branch and blends in to appear like a natural branch.
  • ★HELP A HUMMINGBIRD MOMMA BUILD A HOME – Think like a Hummingbird; where’s a good place to build my nest? Quackups HUMMINGBIRD HOME comes with a nesting ring, the best place to nest. Hummingbird Mom does all the work, from building a nest to raising the young. Here’s your chance to lend Hummingbird Mommas a hand in the nest building.
  • ★BRING NATURE TO YOUR YARD – Hummingbirds are opportunistic nesters. They go for safe, secure places to nest. It takes a bit of nature and instincts mixed with a little random luck.
  • ★HELP SAVE HUMMINGBIRDS, BUILD A HUMMINGBIRD HABITAT – Hummingbirds play an important role as pollinators in our ecosystem. Hummingbirds are always on the lookout for their next food or home. Make your yard a hummingbird habitat, good for you and our planet.

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