Stainless Steel Robotic Lawnmower Spikes with 12pcs Screws for Traction Enhancer for Wo-rx Landroid L Model Robotic Lawnmowers – Robotic Lawnmowers Wheel Spikes for Accessory Off-Wheel Wheels

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  • Fit Models: used for L Models of lawn mower robots. WR153E; WR155E; WR147E.1; WR148E.
  • Traction: When the lawn is wet or the property has many slopes and slopes, the nails give the robot lawn mower better traction, no need to dig on the lawn anymore. With our Robotic Spikes for , you can prevent your lawn robot from digging out and staying on the lawn.
  • Premium Material: Our spikes are made of stainless steel. A material-related advantage is that the nails are rust-resistant and therefore durable. Dimensions are 225mm x 225mm. In addition, 12 stainless steel screws are included.
  • Easy Installation: Just put the nail in the center of the wheel and fix it with the included screw. High-quality spikes ensure a beautiful lawn. No more holes in your lawn with your lawn mower robot.
  • Premium Quality Screws: Stainless steel screws with Torx heads (4 x 20) ensure easy installation of robotic lawn mower spikes. Thanks to the countersunk screw holes, the screws fit perfectly on the nails, ensuring your lawn mower robot has a perfect look.

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